24578 Symplicity All Temp
Rinse Aid 315 5 gal/pail

Product #: BET-24578

Volume: 1.25
Weight: 47.72


Concentrated liquid rinse additive delivers rapid sheeting for spot free drying in low temperature machine dishwashers. This premium highly active surfactant formula delivers excellent drying, aids in detergency during the wash cycle and it’s excellent sheeting action assists in eliminating alkaline and hard water deposits. Non-foaming, low VOC formula contains no phosphorus, APE, NPE, and ETDA •Liquid Concentrate – Economical, Saves Money •Hard Water Effective - Improved Performance •Accelerates Drying - Labor Saving, increased productivity •SureConnect – No Contact, No spills, enhances safety and more •Controls Foaming - Improved Performance